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In an effort to share our findings from this study, the research team has given several presentations, including posters and talks at national and regional conferences. These presentations are listed below. We also are writing papers for publication in scholarly journals, so that the details of the project are available to other researchers, service providers, and policymakers. Once our papers are published, we will add links to the posters and presentation slides.


Kaskutas LA. What is Recovery?, presented at the Annual Conference of the California Association of Addiction Recovery Resources. March 25, 2013, Sacramento, CA.

Borkman, T., Zemore, S. Challenging Mis-Perceptions about Mutual help Addiction Groups, presented at annual conference of the Society for Community Research and Action, Section 27 of the American Psychological Association, June 27, 2013, University of Miami, Miami, Fl.

Subbaraman MS. Multi-source recruiting strategies for advancing recovery research beyond treated individuals, presented at the Addiction Health Services Research Annual Conference. October 23-25, 2013, Portland, OR.

Borkman, T. The Help-Seeker’s Voice in Recovery form Substance Abuse, presented at 42nd annual conference of ARNOVA (Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action), November 23, 2013, Hartford, Ct.

Subbaraman MS. LifeRing Attendees in the “What is Recovery?” Study, presented at the LifeRing 2014 Annual Meeting. May 31, 2014, Santa Rosa, CA.

Published papers

Kaskutas, L. A. and L. Ritter (2015). "Consistency between beliefs and behavior regarding use of substances in recovery." International Journal of Self Help and Self Care. View or download the full paper.

Witbrodt, J., Borkman, T.J., Stunz, A. and Subbaraman, M.S. (2015). "Mixed Methods Study of Help Seekers and Self-Changers Responding to an Online Recovery Survey." Alcohol and Alcoholism 50(1):82–88.

Witbrodt, J., Kaskutas,L.A., Grella, C.E. (2015). "How do recovery definitions distinguish recovering individuals? Five typologies." Drug and Alcohol Dependence 148: 109–117.

Subbaraman, M. S., A. B. Laudet, et al. (2015). "Multi-source recruitment strategies for advancing addiction recovery research beyond treated samples." Journal of Community Psychology 43(5): 560-575.

Kaskutas, L. A., T. Borkman, et al. (2014). "Elements that define recovery: the experiential perspective." Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs 75(6): 999-1010.

Subbaraman, M. S. and J. Witbrodt (2014). "Differences between abstinent and non-abstinent recovery from alcohol use disorders." Addictive Behaviors 39(12): 1730-1735.